Advanced Elements: Quality Inflatables Designed in California

Here’s our interview with Advanced Elements Kayaks.

How did Advanced Elements start, and why did you get involved in the kayak making business?

“Advanced Elements was founded in San Francisco in 2001 by Hall and partner Clay Haller, after the duo came up with the idea for new “hybrid inflatable kayak.” Hall, fresh off his run with the waterbed and such other inventions as the Sun Shower, was instrumental in the product’s development, says Haller, adding its first inflatable kayak “performed more like a hard-shell kayak than anything ever seen before.” – Read more

What is a kayak for you?

Kayaking from a design standpoint is a passion for us, and hearing the many stories of how and where our customers are using them is always energizing and inspiring.
Some of the Advanced Elements recreational kayaks

What distinguishes Advanced Elements from other businesses in the kayaking industry?

Designed in California, our goal at Advanced Elements is to develop new and unique paddlesports products that enhance our customers’ outdoor experience. Our focus is on designing and manufacturing “Inflatable kayaks with cutting edge technology” and providing excellent customer service. We are deep rooted in product development with patented technology, striving to develop inflatable kayaks, iSUPs, and paddlesports accessories that excel in performance, quality, and portability. All of our products have been designed to give paddlers the tools they need at the value that they deserve.

Currently, what’s your business biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge that we face is overcoming people perception of inflatable kayaks. With our designs and technology we are able to produce kayaks that not only perform incredible well but have extreme durability with multi-layer protection. Impressive stability and tracking performance are perhaps the two most common comments after paddling one of our kayaks.
The StraitEdge Angler PRO fishing kayak

What’s the most popular kayak that you sell?

We have many different models and several designed for specific markets worldwide.

Are you still improving your kayaks? if yes, how?

Yes, of course, we constantly are improving many details of our kayaks, partly with the help of consumer feedback and also with the advancements in materials and components. For example, we use hi-pressure dropstitch material in many of our kayaks to increase rigidity.

Which of your models would you recommend to a beginner paddler that’s looking for an entry-level kayak?

I would recommend the Island Voyage2 kayak, It can be paddled by one person (solo) by moving the seat to the center position. This makes it very versatile
Island Voyage 2 Kayak

Which model is more suited to an advanced paddler?

For the advanced paddler we usually recommend the AirFusion EVO, or AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite. But it really depends on the type of water being paddled.
AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak

Do you have any news you can share with us about 2020’s new products of Advanced Elements?

Yes, Expect to see some new products in 2020. Including a tandem sit-on-top with hi-pressure dropstitch floor. Some others using new construction techniques never before seen.

Tell us something people might be surprised to learn about Advanced Elements.

Co-founder is the original inventor of the waterbed.

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