We Tested The 5 Best Sit-on-Top Kayaks

I know we’re biased here, but, in our opinion, kayaking is one of the greatest watersports around. Kayaking good for your body, good for your mind, and good for the environment too. But, most importantly, it’s also very accessible. Sit on top kayaks are amazing for intermediate and beginner paddlers alike. While kayaking is a … Read more

The 3 Best Pedal Kayaks

If you enjoy kayaking but feel like your arms could do with a break, maybe it’s time to think about a pedal kayak. Because your legs are much bigger and stronger than your arms, you can go further and faster in a pedal kayak. A Kayak Tour Guide Recommends The Best Pedal Kayak For Fishing … Read more

The 5 Best Recreational Kayaks Reviewed

Kayaking is one of the most fun, accessible water-based activities around. Unlike paddleboarding that can take a long time to master, kayaking is very much an instant sport. Even a complete novice can enjoy paddling through the water on their very first try! You can rent a kayak in most waterside destinations, and you could … Read more

The 5 Best Sea Kayaks – Tested in Cyprus

Kayaking is a great water-based activity. Getting out on the water is good for your body, mind, and even your soul! Like paddleboarding, it’s an excellent form of low-impact exercise and an enjoyable way to unplug from technology and reconnect with nature. It’s also fun and pretty easy to do. While a lot of kayakers … Read more

The Best Kayak For Beginners

On the surface, all kayaks look pretty much the same, at least to a beginner. The reality is that there are hundreds if not thousands of different kayaks to choose from, and each one is designed with a specific user in mind. That means, if you are new to kayaking, you should not buy the … Read more

Choosing The Best Kayak Paddle

Aside from your kayak, your paddle is the single most important kayak accessory that you can purchase because it not only enables you to propel and maneuver your kayak, it also has a major impact on both your paddling performance and your level of enjoyment while on the water. However, to the novice paddler, choosing … Read more

The Best Spinning Rod For Bass Fishing

Bass are one of the most sought-after fish, and, for a lot of anglers, they are the ultimate prize. While catching a great bass is dependent on a fair amount of luck, skill also plays a part. You’ll get better at catching bass with more practice. The quality of your gear is also important, and … Read more