How To Catch Big Bass – Pro Tips

Are you wanting to catch bigger bass? You’ve come to the right place. Bass are usually cooperative, but to catch bigger ones, you’ll have to learn a few things. Bigger bass are older, have more experience, and any bass over 5 lbs. will be female, and extra suspicious.  To catch them, you’ll need to learn … Read more

Some Of The Best Smallmouth Bass Lures

Smallmouth Bass are a little pickier than Largemouths about what they eat.  Their favorite food is crawfish, so lures that closely imitate them will work. Next on the menu are minnows and other small baitfish. They like worms, but you need to use smaller sizes than for Largemouth Bass. Smallies will eat larger insects like … Read more

The 6 Best Bass Fishing Lures Pro Fishermen Use

Haiku: Bass are abounding. The tacklebox overflows. Aaaagh! The best bass lures?  My Haiku says it all. With the myriad of bass lures available, it can be overwhelming when trying to decide which lures to use. And what makes it more complicated is that all lures work some of the time, and no lure works … Read more

The 3 Best Pedal Kayaks

If you enjoy kayaking but feel like your arms could do with a break, maybe it’s time to think about a pedal kayak. Because your legs are much bigger and stronger than your arms, you can go further and faster in a pedal kayak. A Kayak Tour Guide Recommends The Best Pedal Kayak For Fishing … Read more