What Is Jug Fishing?

Jug fishing is an extremely popular method of catching catfish today. Catfishing, in general, is very popular; in fact, it’s the most widely practiced freshwater sport fishing activity in North America (Buckley et al., 2000). Jugging is a subset of this larger category, which involves fishing with large live or cut bait for channel catfish … Read more

Prince Nymph & Fly Fishing

Ah, the prince nymph: a classic fly pattern that is tied in various colors and sizes to match all kinds of nymphs. Although it may be woven into fisherman’s memories with little specific information regarding its origins, tying practices, or effectiveness, the Prince Nymph Fly Pattern has been around for quite some time and has … Read more

7 Best Home Rowing Machines 2021 – Is A Rowing Machine Good For Kayaking?

best Home Rowing Machines

A rowing machine is a great way to build up the muscles in your legs and back, which are used for kayaking. These machines can also be very effective for cross-training purposes. It is not necessary to own a rowing machine for this purpose, however. Many people who enjoy kayaking would rather go out on … Read more

Inflatable Kayaks vs Folding Kayaks: What’s the Difference?

The differences between inflatable and hard-shell kayaks are their physical makeups. Inflatable kayaks are made out of a durable PVC-based fabric, while hard shells are constructed from rotomolded plastic. An inflatable kayak consists of several chambers, which hold the air inside the boat to provide buoyancy. These chambers can be made with drop-stitch technology, making … Read more

Kayaking in Cold Weather – What to Wear? Best Materials for Winter Cold

Kayaking is a fun and adventurous sport. When the weather turns cold, it becomes difficult to kayak in ice-cold water. Luckily, there are many ways to stay warm while on the water. Some of these methods include wearing layers that can be removed or added as needed, using sunblock on exposed skin areas that are … Read more

What to Do if Your Kayak Capsizes – Step by Step Guide

kayak capsize

The surest way to fall into the water when kayaking is if your kayak capsizes. While that might seem obvious, capsizing only takes place after you have developed momentum in a forward direction and are attempting to change directions or slow down. It’s easy to develop bad habits, even with the best of precautions, but … Read more