We Tested The 5 Best Sit-on-Top Kayaks

I know we’re biased here, but, in our opinion, kayaking is one of the greatest watersports around. Kayaking good for your body, good for your mind, and good for the environment too. But, most importantly, it’s also very accessible. Sit on top kayaks are amazing for intermediate and beginner paddlers alike. While kayaking is a … Read more

What To Wear Kayaking: Cold Weather vs Warm Weather

The right kayaking outfit isn’t only about looking stylish, although looking good is always important! But what do you wear to go kayaking? Kayaking clothes have a job to do, especially if you are heading out over cold water. So if you’re feeling like Priscella… Don’t worry this kayaking clothing guide has got your back! … Read more

The 3 Best Pedal Kayaks

If you enjoy kayaking but feel like your arms could do with a break, maybe it’s time to think about a pedal kayak. Because your legs are much bigger and stronger than your arms, you can go further and faster in a pedal kayak. A Kayak Tour Guide Recommends The Best Pedal Kayak For Fishing … Read more

How To Survive The Pandemic Through Kayaking

Retreating in nature A Kayakers Guide To Surviving The Coronavirus Pandemic – Exploring Freshwater Archipelagos in Northern Sweden Mother nature is not affected. Nature is not affected, she continues as normal. There is plenty of space to kayak without being around other people, which actually makes it a very safe place to be. There is … Read more

How to Transport Your Kayak

Obviously, owning a kayak is completely useless if you can’t get it to the water to paddle it! Therefore, how to transport a kayak is an important question that every new kayaker asks eventually. Fortunately, because kayaks are all relatively long and slim as well as being relatively lightweight, they are fairly easy to transport … Read more

How to Fish From a Kayak: Becoming A Kayak Fisherman

Many people probably wonder why someone would choose to fish from a kayak instead of fishing from a motorboat and the answer to that question is actually manyfold. However, three definitive answers to that question are expense, stealth, and challenge. A fishing kayak and the accompanying gear is far less expensive to purchase than a … Read more