Dewerstone Lifeshorts Review

After another frosty morning of trying to warm my fingers up enough to tighten the roof rack straps around my kayak, I can’t help but fantasise about paddling in the sunshine. Many of us are probably starting to think about plans for the summer and trips abroad, so I thought it was time to bring a bit of sunshine back in to our lives!

Today I’m talking about board shorts, in particular the Lifeshorts. Outdoor-lifestyle brand, dewerstone, claim to have created the go-to board short for every activity. Let’s see if their right…

Looking good…

The first thing you may notice about these shorts is the design. That’s because they are pretty out there, with loads of colour and funky patterns- which I love! Last year saw many different designs, with my favourite being the Ice Cream Shorts. These bright and wonderful boardies boasted all the colours of the tastiest popsicle and were guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye! If you’re a little more conservative with your funkiness though, there’s plainer but still cool options too, in a variety of colours.

Once again the boys at dewerstone haven’t let us down with their creativity and style. This year, the soon to be released Lifeshorts 2.0 are more awesome than ever. With new designs such as the Jungle Shorts, right to the blocked coloured editions for you cool cats out there, there’s a style to suit every outdoors-enthusiast.

Despite wearing these shorts on and off the water pretty much daily for over a year now, they aren’t really showing much sign of wear, other than the colours perhaps not being quite as bright as they were originally (although they’re still pretty bright!). They’ve taken a good battering during this time, spending most of their life in rivers or salt water, whilst in hot climates and strong sun. I lived my normal life in them and definitely haven’t taken extra care whilst wearing them. This is way longer than any of my other shorts have ever lasted, they should be in several non-identifiable pieces or exposing a very indecent amount of skin by now!

You make me feel…

Ok it’s not all about looks, so the next thing you’ll probably notice is how they feel. The 4 way stretch allows you to move in every direction, with no limitations or restrictions. Not only are they stretchy and moveable, they’re also made up on a cool, light-weight, quick-drying material, making them the ideal shorts for surfing, kayaking and swimming. Or of course just chilling by the pool, if that’s your thing!

The Lifeshorts have a higher cut waistband than I’d usually go for, however I’ve come to realise that this is actually a bonus, particularly when wearing them on the river. Gone are the days of builder’s bum or constantly pulling up my wet weighted-down shorts and no more red-raw skin where the backband of my kayak would rub on the gap between my shorts and thermals or rash vest.

One big change that the life shorts have seen is the waist closure- a surf-leash inspired, triple fold and hook system. It’s flexible and sits flat, whilst being strong and secure, meaning that it’s super comfortable, without any annoying drawstrings dangling and coming undone. Even the biggest beat downs or trashing won’t be able to steel your shorts -or dignity!

Bottles to boardies…

If looking and feeling good wasn’t enough, these shorts are also doing good. What you may not initially realise, is that these shorts are actually made from recycled plastic bottles.

‘Recycled feel good fabric that helps the planet’

It’s no secret that our environmental impacts on the planet are getting out of hand and it’s as much our responsibility as anyone else’s. And part of that is choosing our brands and products wisely. Dewerstone have proven themselves many times over as an environmentally-considerate brand. Last year the brand became part of the 1% for the Planet global movement, as well as joining forces with organisations such as The Gili Eco Trust and Eden Reforestation, supporting environmental projects all over the world.

Oh and for every pair of Lifeshorts 2.0 sold, a tree is planted in Biak Island, Indonesia. Which I think is pretty cool.

Sustainability and durability is a huge factor in the Lifeshorts design process. These shorts are built to last, helping you to buy responsibly and reduce unnecessary waste.

A board short that puts the planet first

So all in all I reckon the boys at dewerstone have done a pretty good job of creating the ideal board  short, not only are the designs cool but these shorts also allow you to awesome stuff, whilst looking out for the planet.

They set out to create the best board short in the world, and you know what they’re not far off. Thanks guys- keep crushing it!

Image credits:

Kalob Grady 
Stu Watson

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