How To Kayak - Animated Technique Instructions

How To Kayak - Animated Technique Instructions

Learn how to kayak properly and stay safe with

We’ve designed the most comprehensive kayaking animations to help beginners improve their kayaking technique.

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We will start from the kayaking basics, learn the most essential paddling and safety skills and also how to do braces and eskimo roll.



Getting in from a dock

Getting in and out of the kayak is easy if you know the tricks. Probably the...


Getting in from a shore

Sometimes there is no dock nearby so getting into the kayak will be a little...


Keeping balance

Kayaks are made narrow so that they move easily on the water. This means that...


Paddling gear & kayak parts

Learn the names of most essential paddling gear and kayak parts....

Paddling basics

Paddling basics

Paddling basics


How to hold the paddle

Before we start paddling, we need to learn the correct technique to hold the...


Good kayak paddling technique

Learning how to paddle a kayak forward is easy. But focusing on a proper...


Paddle as stern rudder

There are several methods to make the kayak go to a desired direction. The...


Forward and reverse sweep strokes

It might sound quite obvious that to make the kayak turn, you just have to...


Carving turns

Carving turns is a real asset to other turning methods. This technique can be...


Moving sideways with sculling draw

When you want to move alongside a dock or a friend's kayak, one of the best...


Paddling backwards

Paddling backwards technique is much the same as reversed forward paddling and...


Safety Skills

Safe kayaking

Kayaking is a relatively safe sport, but all paddlers should be prepared for...


Exiting a capsized kayak

Luckily, getting out of a capsized kayak is usually almost automatic. But...


Assisted kayak emptying

If you have fallen and decide to climb back into your kayak, it is usually...


Emptying kayak by self

Usually a capsized kayak can be emptied fairly well without assistance....


Heel hook rescue

There are numerous different methods to assist an unfortunate paddler back to...


Paddle float re-entry

At least for a lone paddler it is really important to have a paddle float and...


Braces & eskimo Roll

Braces and rolling basics

One step towards the total control of your kayak is being able to recover your...


Low brace

If you have lost your balance slightly and are about to fall over, the low...


High brace

If you have lost your balance big time and you don't have the time to perform a...


How to do eskimo roll

Eskimo roll is the best and safest technique to recover yourself if you ever...



Here you will find practical animated tutorials about kayak paddling. We’ll teach you how to kayak.

We will start from the kayaking basics, learn the most essential paddling and safety skills and also how to do braces and eskimo roll.

Paddling Basics


Safety Skills


Braces & eskimo roll


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The Different Types Of Kayaks You Can Choose

We suggest renting at least one time before investing money in a brand new kayak.

Once you figure out whether you like kayaking or not, you should decide on which kayak is right for you.

Those are the types of kayak available:

> Sit on top kayaks: Simply a great beginner choice. Sitting on top of the kayak makes it easy and safe even for the inexperienced kayaker, compared to sit in kayaks. 

> Kids Kayaks: kayaks especially designed for the younger ones. Smaller dimensions and weight. 

> Recreational Kayaks: Ideal for easygoing paddles on flat waters 

> Sea Kayaks: ocean kayaks designed for rougher seas 

> Beginner Kayaks: first time kayaking? Basic kayaks are usually best for absolute beginners. Price is also more accessible.

> Inflatable Kayaks: ultimate portability and price compromise.

> Folding Kayaks: another great portable option. Super lightweight, portable and durable.

> Tandem Kayaks: kayaking with your other half? Tandem kayaks can save space and energies.  

> Fishing Kayaks: fishing kayaks are especially designed boats –  with all the needed extra features.

Dressing Properly For The Season


Here’s the thing – even if it’s hot outside, you’ll always need to take into account the temperature of the water and dress accordingly.

Extreme heat or cold temperatures always pose the greatest risk. That’s why you need to dress with layers, and always be ready for the worst.

Are you bringing a dry bag with the needed clothes change? 

Are you choosing a dry suit or a wet suit?

Check out our guide about what to wear kayaking.

Extra Essential Kayaking Gear


Here are some kayaking gear that’s essential both for novice and experienced paddlers

  • A kayaking life jacket (REALLY important) – Check our guide on PFD
  • Kayaking shoes
  • Dry suits (if it’s very cold)
  • Wet suits (regular ocean weather)
  • Pants, shirts, sweaters (layers)
  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Sunglasses