Necky Rip 12 Kayak – 2021 Review

The Necky Rip 12 kayak is a boat designed for one purpose: to get the adrenaline-seeking thrill seeker out on the water. This kayak is built for use in Class II (easy) rapids and features an easy-to-use design but caters very specifically to those who like to feel the rush of riding down white water rapids.

Kayaks are generally made up of two different parts: the deck and the hull. The deck consists of all elements above the waterline, whereas the hull is everything that is underwater. In more detail, there are three components that make up a kayak’s hull: bow, stern, and ama (or outrigger). The horizontal cross-sectional shape of these components determines how stable the kayak will be when afloat. Typically, a shorter beam width overall imparts higher initial stability, a more efficient ride, and a lower drag coefficient. However, wide beamwidth results in increased volume capacity added comfort over choppy waters, and contributes to an overall increase in tracking. If you are going to be going out on rough waters often, then you might want to consider opting for one with a higher beam width.


Necky Rip 12 Specifications

The Rip 12 is a kayak brought to you by Necky. It was designed with efficiency in mind, which makes it perfect for people of all skill levels. More information about the kayak can be found below.
The Necky Rip 12 has been built from molded polyethylene plastic. This is a very sturdy material that can take some serious damage from rocks or any other submerged obstacles. In addition, the absence of ribs makes this kayak’s hull softer and less rigid than those made from fiberglass. Another key component of recreational kayaks is their weight. This is an especially important consideration if you will often be carrying your kayak to and from the water. The Rip 12 weighs forty-nine pounds, which is much lighter than other recreational kayaks out there.
Now, we’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons associated with this product:


The Necky Rip 12 can hold up to five hundred and fifteen pounds before it starts to sink and impede forward movement. Therefore, if you are looking for something that can carry quite a bit of weight, then this might just be the right one for you!
As far as hull design goes, this kayak’s V-shaped cross-section helps to cut down on water levels by optimizing the flow of water alongside the boat. This contributes to ease of movement and allows for faster speeds.

Since this kayak has a harder hull, you won’t have to worry as much about submerged obstacles like rocks or logs getting jammed between it and your paddle. This should make paddling through choppy waters less dangerous overall.
Since this is made from molded plastic, it will be able to handle just about anything that you throw it’s way—including exceptionally high water levels.
Many reviewers have found this kayak’s open cockpit design comfortable, which means that you shouldn’t feel too cramped inside the vessel when traversing long distances over water.



As with any product, there are always going to be downsides associated with buying it. One of the cons that have been pointed out in regards to this kayak is that it is not all that versatile. In other words, the manufacturer only intended the use of this product for recreation.
The molded plastic might be a bit stiffer than you would like, which could make paddling a pain if you are going long distances. This should still be fine for shorter treks, though.
Another con associated with this vessel is its tendency to come with defective handles and bolts upon arriving at your doorstep. Make sure to inspect the equipment before setting off across the water!

Some more notes about the Necky Rip 12 Kayak

So with all that let’s conclude that there is enough torage space in this kayak—although you can easily purchase a cooler or some other type of portable storage unit to keep food and beverages cool while you’re out on the water!. If you plan to embark on several solo trips over water, you will be happy with this product’s lightweight design and high carrying capacity.
In addition, if you have been looking for a recreational kayak that doesn’t have any additional ribs or slats for added comfort, then this might just be the right one for you! It is cheaper than most of its counterparts—and it has quite a bit more weight capacity than even some of those!



The Necky Rip 12 is a kayak that operates well in many different environments. It performs really well when it comes to fishing and it is able to hold a decent amount of gear, making it ideal for lengthy trips. Necky has made another fine product when they designed the Rip 12! Not only does it look nice sitting in your garage or front porch, but it can help to make your next trip across the water much safer and more enjoyable overall.

This kayak also gives the thrill-seeker an added sense of security while they’re riding through rapids. The risk of flipping over is extremely low due to the stability bar that runs along the side, allowing kayakers to lean into their turns without worrying about tipping over too much. The rear storage area is another feature designed for comfort and convenience – giving you a place to store your things where they won’t get wet or fall out unexpectedly when you hit rough waters.

The kayak’s design provides excellent stability, which allows standing up when we want and move around freely while staying safe and balanced. The fabric of the kayak is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and has proven its worth time and again when we have gone out on windy or rainy days. All in all, we would say that this vessel is a great investment that will last a long time, providing you with joy and excitement.