Ocean Kayak Frenzy Review: A Fun Solo Kayak!

One thing followed the other and not before long I started hosting kayak tours around the country. By this point having only tandem kayaks was placing me in the position where the not so confident paddlers, which most of the times is more than one, preferred to kayak with the instructor.

Noticing this recurrent situation in most of the tours, I decided it was best to avoid further discussions and start guiding the tribe in a SOLO kayak.

Being a plus size guy the first condition that the Single Paddler Kayak had to fulfill is to have a high load capacity. The second aspect to meet is that although small in general size, it still has to have good leg and cargo space.

Finally, since I was going to be paddling alone and guiding in front of a pack of 10 plus kayaks it had be swift and agile as to be able to lead properly.

After a short search I stumbled upon a kayak that not only meet these requirements but also cost less than USD$ 400 dollars: the Ocean Kayak Frenzy.

Ocean Kayaks Frenzy

frenzy review

Solo Kayak

  • Amazing recreational solo kayak
  • Kayak Length: 9ft

Ocean Kayaks Malibu 2


Tandem Kayak

  • Perfect for recreational kayaking with friends & Family
  • Maximum kayak capacity: 425 pounds
  • Kayak Length: 12ft


What Makes the Ocean Kayak Frenzy a Good Solo Kayak?

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The Frenzy Ocean Kayak is a 9 feet sit on top single user kayak made of a single layer of polyethylene. Its walls are so thick that it weighs 44 pounds making it sturdy and resistant to the common beatings in rocky shores.

Although it’s a little bit heavy compared to other single paddler kayaks it is still light enough to be handled easily by one person.

The Frenzy Ocean Kayak was designed for mild coastal waters, inland lakes and category one rivers.

Its hull design with pointy bow allows it to cut through the water easily, its short rocker allows for a good maneuverability, its bow to stern protruded keel allows a great and effortless tracking and the combination of wide flare and hard chine gives it a reliable stability. 

Paddling the Ocean Kayak Frenzy

The first time a paddled the Frenzy Ocean Kayak was in one of my favorite spots in Santo Domingo, the National Park of “Los Humedales del Ozama” a great place where in a later edition I will be writing about.

As soon as we got to this hidden slice of paradise, I saddle up the Frenzy and paddled on. I had an unexpected feeling as the speed started to amount with every paddle stroke. I sure wasn’t expecting such responsiveness for such a short kayak.

The molded-in foot pegs suited my leg length, the seat which was quite deep giving me a higher sensation of protection and adding highly on the stability, and the responsiveness of the frenzy to every effort to turn around was notable.

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All of these aspects combined made the Frenzy Ocean Kayak a really fun kayak to paddle and get playful. Having experienced the Frenzy’s performance I told a cousin of mine, that often capsized other kayaks because he has a tendency to lose his balance on every stroke, to give the Frenzy Ocean Kayak a try.

Honestly, I was waiting that by the fourth or fifth stroke he would capsize, but the Frenzy is a very forgiving kayak. Against all odds he paddled on all the way to the other end of the lake without tipping over. On his way back the one thing you could see was his big ear to ear smile. No doubt that from then on that was going to be his preferred kayak.

In my personal opinion this kayak is one of the best choices for beginner paddlers.

Its stability is so high that I think that you have to make a hard effort to capsize it. You can lean to the sides more than you would in other kayaks and still not capsize. It’s one of the aspects that regards this kayak as one of the most newbie friendly.

Great Expectations? What’s Good and not so Good about the Frenzy

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This is a purely recreational kayak, which means if you are an occasional fisher this is not the kayak for you, because upgrading it towards fishing is not advisable. Another aspect that doesn’t run much in favor of the Frenzy Ocean Kayak the seat width is pretty narrow making it uncomfortable for those of us that are a little bigger than the rest.

Finally, for those who use scupper plugs to avoid getting wet think again with this kayak, its scupper holes are considerably bigger than the standard size.

The Frenzy Ocean Kayak has many virtues, as an entry level kayak it has the build and material to resist the harshest of conditions including rocky shores and paddling over reefs. As is common in other Ocean Kayaks the Frenzy is also resistant to sun discoloration, its stackable and easy to handle.

4/5 Stars to the Ocean Kayak Frenzy

I highly recommend buying this kayak as an entry level kayak and for short paddle sessions.

If you are planning for long trips there are better options. I’ve seen tall chunky guys, some of my cousins, take the Frenzy toward 3 feet waves and ride them almost as if it were a Surf Ski. This means that although it’s conceived as an entry level kayak it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with it.

That feat was mainly possible to the pointy bow which helps the paddler cut through the waking surf, the short rocker helps in smoothly maintain an angle while riding the wave, while the keel helped maintain the chosen track.

If you are an adventurer and don’t mind getting wiped out from time to time you can take the Frenzy toward the waves. Just don’t overdo it. In the end it’s only a kayak. Nonetheless for me, the Frenzy Ocean Kayak automatically translate to FUN.

If you get to visit the Dominican Republic and want to paddle in a “Hidden Paradise” you can arrange an AirBnb Experience  with me. In this experience you will enjoy the beauty of a ride through nature, a good Dominican Style BBQ, get to know colonial architecture and among other things get to paddle the Frenzy Ocean Kayak.

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