Kayak Paddling Techniques and Tricks – How To Paddle A Kayak Ultimate Guide

Kayaking is an outdoor activity that is filled with excitement and adventure. It is like a condition that can be found in any geographical location. This activity has been around for centuries and it was derived from the Eskimo culture. The most important kayaking methods for paddlers are the same for every water situation: activate … Read more

Crappie Fishing 101: The Best States For Crappie Fishing

Crappie fishing is a family-friendly sport. It’s fun for the novice and experienced angler alike. Crappies are very resilient, so it makes catching them an easy task when you know where to look. Fishing for slab crappies offers many benefits such as: No matter what time of year it is, whether it’s winter, spring, or … Read more

Why Is Kayaking Dangerous? 7 Dangers And How To Avoid Them

Kayaking is a popular water sport, often shared with friends and family. While kayaking might seem like a relatively dangerous activity, it is important to have safety protocols in place before heading out onto the water. What are the dangers of kayaking? With so many different types of kayaks available today, there are a few … Read more

How To Catch Sunfish: Proper Rig, Bait & More Fishing Tips

Sunfish are the heaviest bony fish in the world. Sunfish are typically very shy but can become accustomed to human interaction. Many sunfish can be seen at public aquariums and zoos. Sunfish are widespread, but that doesn’t mean they can be found anywhere. Sunfish spend their early lives close to shore in clear water near … Read more

How to Kayak: Basic Kayaking Strokes Explained

Kayaking ain’t easy. Kayaking is a thrilling sport that requires getting through the water in a tiny vessel using a double-bladed paddle. It allows the boat’s operator to navigate through the waterways by facing forward and propelling forward using alternating strokes of the paddle. Usually, the paddler is seated in the cockpit, with legs extended … Read more

How to Get the Fishy Smell Out of Clothes – Complete Guide

One of the worst smells that you can experience is the low fish smell that can seep into your clothes. You’ve returned to your home to relax after a tiring afternoon spent fishing but it’s not just the memories you’ve brought back. There is a high chance that at some point you will get your … Read more

Top 10 Best Fishing Kayak for Big Guys 2021 – Complete Buying Guide

Fishing Kayak for Big Guys

So you have been thinking of a new sport that is low impact and great for sightseeing. Kayaking or canoeing is the way to go. There are differences between the two but in this article, we will talk about kayaks. Fishing kayaks for bigger guys too. Some heavier people are at first off-put by kayaking … Read more