Prijon Kayaks – German Kayak Quality

A Prijon kayak is a sturdy and durable one that most people want to own. The German-made kayaks are known for their high quality, sporty performance, and efficiency. They have been around since 1975 and most kayakers who can still remember had first laid hands on a Prijon boat at some point in time. They had either borrowed it from friends or rented it at the nearest club or waterway near them.

How It Started


The story of this brand began with Uli Lindner, a German kayaking champion, who had first made his own kayaks as early as 1963 using plywood. After years of development and change, he created his first factory in 1975 together with some other Germans who shared the same passion as him. The brand has been well-known for its quality kayaks and the company is still led by Uli Lindner, now aged 66.

In recent years, Prijon had acquired a few other popular brands namely Klepper, Pogo, and Mad River Canoe. In order to make better products under their own label, Prijon would absorb the technology of each brand it acquires and develop new products from them. Today, Prijon offers a wide range of boats – from kayaks to stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) – that suit different types of paddlers with different needs. You can also see some of these great models in Trawler Yachts’ available used boats.

Their kayaks have become so popular in the European market that kayaking has even gained popularity. Now, if you are roaming around your area and see kayakers with stylish boats in tow, you might want to take a closer look at them because chances are that they were made by Prijon.

What makes PRIJON Kayaks unique?

For one thing, these German-made kayaks have become so popular for their durability and toughness – qualities that are essential when it comes to water sports. One of the most talked about products from this manufacturer is the Prijon Tornado. It has earned its name because it can do well in everything – whether choppy or flat waters, whitewater rapids or ocean waves. Its design allows it to ride waves sprays and swells with ease.

And if you want an all-around boat that can keep up with your speed, the Prijon Kodiak is a good choice. It’s basically a whitewater kayak but it can also be used for flatwater paddling, touring and fishing. Its V-shaped hull gives the boat a number of advantages – from high initial stability to a fast glide on flat water, making it perfect for any type of activity on the water.
It’s not just these two boats that have made them known though – there are many other models available that suit different types of paddlers and sportsmen who love water as much as they do. For those who love cruising around calm waters or enjoy watching the sunset from the water, there is Prijon’s inflatable SUP boards to choose from. These have a 4-layer drop stitched process with a sandwich construction using epoxy and polyester resin. They are all handmade in Germany and constructed for strength and durability.

And if kayaking isn’t your thing, you can also get a Prijon canoe. Their Fiberlite Niagara has been praised for the massive size that gives it stability while paddling. It comes with adjustable seatbacks, removable floorboards, and oarlocks that make rowing more convenient for everyone. Lastly, you can get yourself an iceboat like their Xcite!98 model which is designed to be easy to maintain and maneuverable – allowing both beginners and pros to enjoy it.

How does PRIJON create their kayaks?


Prijon is now using CAD technology in making its kayaks which has allowed them to create better designs for their boats. This allows them to produce more lightweight boats, saving on the extra weight and allowing the kayak to become more efficient on the water. The four-layer drop stitch itch construction is a process very similar to car seats – where a thin sheet of plastic with an inner core of foam is dropped down between two other layers of plastic, one on top and one on the bottom – creating a strong bond between all 4 sheets resulting in a hard shell kayak that can take impact after impact from rocks or boat traffic. Boats made by PRIJON are noted as being yet durable – ideal for any sort of water sport and any conditions.

Combining the expertise and know-how gained from their previous brands, PRIJON has worked its way to become one of the most reliable manufacturers when it comes to kayaks and other watercraft. They continue to grow bigger each day due to their great quality products and dedication in bringing fun to people who love the water.

Today, you can see PRIJON boats everywhere – on lakes, rivers, or even seas! Their designs are stylish but functional at the same time which makes them more attractive to customers, especially those who are new to kayaking or are planning to take up this recreational activity. It does not matter if you do kayaking as a hobby or as part of your profession – PRIJON is the best kayaking brand with boats for any type of paddler.


This is not just another business but one that cares about its customers and aims to provide only the best watercraft in the market today. PRIJON has proved itself as a trusted name with many years of experience in providing quality products – from inflatable SUP boards, kayaks to canoes and even ice boats. They have been reviewed by experts as “the ultimate” when it comes to the material used for their yachts – making them weatherproof and capable of standing harsh conditions on water.

Now, there are people who prefer other brands but still end up buying PRIJON because they know that will satisfy their needs. There are many kayaks that are cheaper but only PRIJON boats offer the best value for your money with their high-quality materials and sturdy craftsmanship. And when you buy a boat from them, you can be sure they will work hard to make sure you get the most out of it.

This German company has been in the business of making top-quality watercraft for over 30 years now.