Prijon Seayak 520HV Review

I work as a professional Kayak Guide in Finland, I typically would take a Seayak 520 HV if I was planning a multi-day trip and I was bringing something kind of bulky, like a tent. The volume is fantastic on these boats and they are super stable. Due to this stability, I was able to even bring my dog along on longer trips, providing the weather was good and the water was calm. They are really fun boats to paddle and the quality is very apparent when you use them. I am a qualified Sea Kayak Instructor and an EPP3 in Sea Kayak.

Prijon is a very well-known name in the Kayaking world, particularly in Europe as they are all still made in Bavaria, Germany. Prijon kayaks are dependable, supremely durable, are backed up by great customer service and are actually made from recycled materials, which is fantastic in itself. They make some awesome gear and some awesome boats but I wanted to take a second and review one particular model, the Seayak 520 HV, which I had the pleasure of taking out on a few trips last Summer.

The Seayak 520HV: A Great Expedition Kayak

The Seayak 520 HV is a proper expedition Kayak. At 518 cm, it is a pretty long kayak and a width of 58 cm makes it suitable for medium-larger paddlers. The Seayak boasts an impressive storage volume of 162 Liters, which makes it one of the roomiest kayaks I have used for hauling gear. You can seriously just keep stuffing gear into this kayak and it seems to always hold it and with a capacity of 140 kg, you would be hard pressed to overload it. If you do manage to fill it up, there are plenty of mounting possibilities on the deck to attach additional gear. They are really roomy kayaks and as such, this was my first choice if I was taking my dog for a paddle, or for “Kayak Camping”.

These Seayaks are chocked full of features which is awesome. They have a super comfortable touring seat system, which is really easy to adjust as well as excellent touring thigh braces. Deck nets make it easy to stuff gear on the deck and the two bulkheads are completely waterproof with PE attachments for safety. There is also a great little day-hatch just in reach in front of the cockpit, so if you need to store any quick-to-reach items, they are on hand. You can also rig up a rudder to assist with steering. The footrests are sliding, which makes adjusting them super easy and you should be able to find the perfect adjustment for you.

As far as performance goes, this kayak performs exemplary. It has above average tracking in all kinds of water, is very fast in calm water and is one of the most stable kayaks I have ever used. For a touring boat, you really can’t do much better. However, it lacks in the agility department due to its size. As such, there are better options if you plan on paddling in tight spaces, rock hopping and perhaps surfing. It is pretty easy to roll and all your stuff should stay bone dry when you do. I would say it is a boat best suited to a more intermediate or experienced paddler, but a beginner would enjoy a stable kayak that wouldn’t punish them for their mistakes. But if you want a fun boat to haul gear with, I would definitely suggest the Seayak. If you are a smaller paddler, perhaps the Seayak 500LV is a better option, as at 28kg I think some folks might consider this to be a little heavy.

A Sustainable Kayak

Prijon makes these kayaks out of recycled thermoplastic, which makes them not only durable, but green too. As all of their kayaks are made in Germany, you can be assured of the highest quality. They are pretty much bombproof. They run around $1500 bucks, which isn’t the cheapest kayak available, but there are certainly more expensive options.

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