Seayak 520 HV

The SEAYAK 520 HV is a boat that was built to take your fun on the water to the next level. Designed by avid kayakers, it has all the features you would want in an easy-to-use vessel. It can be used for many different types of watersports including fishing, snorkeling, or wakeboarding. Kayaking is also available with this versatile craft. So let’s learn more about this amazing kayak and what are most important specifications.

“We set out to design a boat that people really enjoy taking out on the water,” said one of the creators in an interview with reporters recently. ” the manufacturer states. The SEAYAK 520 HV is perfect for paddlers at any skill level.

The SEAYAK 520 HV is easy to transport too. It fits nicely in an average-sized vehicle and can be brought along with you anywhere your travels may take you! Its durability makes it sure to last for many years of use no matter where or how often you go kayaking.

Specifications of the SEAYAK 520 HV Kayak


-This kayak’s weight is an ideal 155 lbs
-The SEAYAK 520 HV has a beam of 34 inches and can hold up to three people at one time
– It features the Seayak’s exclusive Dragon Seat, which offers plenty of comforts while you are out on the water for hours at a time.
– With its large storage compartment, there is enough room to carry all your equipment or extra snacks and beverages. This kayak also comes with two waterproof compartments so you can store phones, keys, wallets or other valuables safe during your outings.
– The massive cockpit opening allows easy entry into the boat whether you are paddling solo or with a friend. It measures 47.5x 31 inches, after all!
– The Seayak 520 HV has a wide beam to add stability when in the water. This makes it feel compact and easy to handle even in rough waters.
– Two adjustable footrests give you extra comfort if y


our legs need a rest or want to stretch out while out on the water.


The SEAYAK 520 HV kayak is truly versatile and offers many great features that make it worth every penny. As one happy customer summarized, “It’s an awesome boat at an unbeatable price!” If you’re looking for a way to get out more on the water this summer, this kayak is sure to keep you coming back for more.

Nayak Enterprises is a company based in the United States that specializes exclusively in kayaks. They have been designing and building high-quality boats for over 25 years, so customers know they are getting only the best from Nayak. The SEAYAK 520 HV was engineered by kayakers to be a boat that would offer a safe and comfortable time on the water for people of all skill levels.
Prijon produces these kayaks of recycled thermoplastics, which is what makes them not only strong and eco-friendly but also green. As all their kayaks are manufactured in Germany so you are sure of the best quality. They’re almost bombproof. They cost around $1500 dollars This isn’t the most affordable kayak however there are better options for those who pay more.