Pyranha Kayaks: Quality Kayaks Made in The UK

Here’s our interview with Pyranha Kayaks.

How did Pyranha Kayaks start?

Pyranha was founded in 1971 by Graham Mackereth, who began by building kayaks in his father’s garage. Earlier in life, Graham had become hooked on the sport when a friend took him paddling in a canoe he and his father had built, and he then went on to be a part of the GB Olympic K1 Sprint Team and enjoy various disciplines of the sport, as well as its rich history. Graham remains a paddlesports enthusiast and the sole owner and Managing Director of Pyranha to this day.

What’s a kayak for you?

To us, a kayak is an introduction to the most welcoming community on the planet and a vehicle that transports us to some of  its most breath-taking locations. Our tag line is ‘By Enthusiasts, For Enthusiasts’, and we live by it. Many of our core staff are enthusiasts, and we make a point of only working with dealers who share our passion for the sport.
A few Pyranha kayaks

What distinguishes Pyranha from other kayaking businesses?

Pyranha remains independently owned and operated, answering only to our own enthusiasm and market demands, rather than a board of directors or outside investors. We produce every canoe and kayak in our Pyranha Kayaks, Venture Canoes & Kayaks, and P&H Sea Kayaks ranges in the UK at our own facilities where we can keep a close eye on quality

What’s your biggest challenge right now?

Pricing is by far our biggest challenge; unfortunately, the perceived value of premium canoes and kayaks is far below a sustainable level, and as costs continue to increase we must seek to correct this before it’s too late.

What’s the most popular kayak that you sell?

It’s not about numbers for us; every model we produce has its place to offer as many paddlers or potential paddlers as possible a canoe or kayak that enables them to get out on the water and achieve their goals.
Pyranha Fusion 2

Are you still improving your kayaks? if yes, how?

Always, and in many different ways – design, performance, quality of materials, and even aesthetics are all areas we’re constantly trialling and developing in.

Which of your models would you recommend to a beginner paddler that’s looking for an entry-level kayak?

A very good question that many newcomers to the sport ask, but unfortunately there is no one right answer for everyone – it very much depends on that person and their ambitions, and that’s why we work with specialist dealers who know our products and others on the market inside out and often have demo models available for customers to try out in order to find the right boat for them.

Which model is more suited to an advanced paddler?

The answer to this is much the same as above; it depends on the paddler and their aims!
Pyranha Ripper

Do you have any news you can share with us about 2020’s new Pyranha products?

As always, we’ve got many new products in the pipeline; for the latest, keep an eye on our Facebook page or keep in touch with your local dealer!

Tell us something people might be surprised to learn about Pyranha.

Most are surprised at how much work goes in to producing each canoe or kayak, and how much smaller a company we are in relation to their impressions!

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