The 4 Benefits Of Using a Rowing Machine

A rowing machine (or ergometer) is a piece of equipment that, to those new to a gym setting, may appear appropriate in only specialist training situations. As a result, the machines are often left unused in gyms and health clubs. That reality is extremely unfortunate as those familiar with the appropriate workouts will swear by the amazing results they see through just small periods of exercise on the machines.

With that in mind, here are the 4 Benefits that using an erg could have on your gym session

1. It’s A Great Full Body Workout

A rowing machine demands input from the upper and lower body to complete a full stroke. It is therefore unsurprising, that an ergometer provides a fantastic full-body workout, testing and strengthening a wide range of body parts in every single stroke. According to professional trainers that specialise in rowing, an ergometer can stimulate as much as 85% of the body during the duration of a workout.

Concerning the upper body, users will exercise the rhomboids in their shoulders, trapezii in their upper back, and lats in their lower back. The benefits of a stronger back and shoulders include improved posture as well as a reduction in back pain. Additionally, rowing machines also provide a nice workout for your biceps, pecs, and abs, which helps you develop a stronger, better-defined core.

Similarly, one will experience significant development in the lower body, as the main push in every stroke comes from the legs. The main leg muscles involved are the quads in the upper front of the thighs, however, the calves and glutes buttocks also receive a workout.

Building strong legs and glutes will produce amazing results and help in other gym exercises. Working out the lower body burns calories at a faster rate, making this exercise ideal for those who are looking to increase their fitness levels in a number of areas. In addition to improved muscle strength and tone, resistance training on a row machine is a great way to maintain flexibility and balance

A rowing machine will get you sweating!

2. It’s A Good Cardio Exercise

Rowing machine provides the ultimate cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular (or aerobic) exercise is any activity that raises and maintains your heart rate at an elevated speed for an extended period. Aerobic exercise is an important contributor to your overall health.

The benefits of regular, planned aerobic exercise include weight loss, increased stamina and a stronger immune system. Because it requires the use of so many major muscle groups, a rowing machine will quickly and effectively elevate your heart rate and subsequently increase your oxygen intake for the duration of your workout.

High impact sports generally include long periods of running, jumping and pressure on the joints supporting your body weight. Such activity can be detrimental for those with bad knees, ankles or joints. Rowing machines provide a low impact and non-weight bearing workout as the exercise is performed whilst sitting down. It is, therefore, an ideal option even for those with weak joints or who are rehabilitating following surgery.

3. Boosts Your Endurance

One of the more profound benefits a rowing machine can have on your fitness will be your endurance. While the equipment will initially be quite testing and require both mental and physical resilience, repeated workouts will develop increased stamina and boost your metabolism. This newly discovered fitness is the perfect opportunity to harness more energy and channel them into the daily activities that you love.

Using a rowing machine for as little as 20 minutes per session can really boost your stamina.

4. It Doesn’t Take Much Time

A workout on a rowing machine does not necessarily need to take up long periods of your day. Just as little as 20 minutes on the machine will test your body in an intense workout. The result of frequent, short but intense workouts on a rowing machine will be an accelerated development across your body as a result of the paired upper and lower body workout. For those who find themselves short on time but are still looking to complete a strong and worthwhile workout, try 15 minutes at 80% of your maximum intensity to see great fat burning results.

Conclusion: Upgrading Your Workout With An Erg Machine

In conclusion, the reasons to incorporate rowing machines into your workout are wide and varied. It could be the upper/lower body benefits, the cardiovascular workout involved, the convenience and little time required or something completely different. Regardless, there is a reason for every gym member to avail of a rowing machine when they are available.

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