7 Best Home Rowing Machines 2021 – Is A Rowing Machine Good For Kayaking?

best Home Rowing Machines

A rowing machine is a great way to build up the muscles in your legs and back, which are used for kayaking. These machines can also be very effective for cross-training purposes. It is not necessary to own a rowing machine for this purpose, however. Many people who enjoy kayaking would rather go out on … Read more

How to Kayak – Kayaking Tips and 101 Techniques

How to Kayak - Kayaking Tips and 101 Techniques

So, you’ve decided you want to go kayaking. Maybe someone has invited you or maybe just the thought of catching fish from a kayak sounds like fun and here you are reading this article and wondering how exactly do I get started? Kayaking is one of those great pastimes that can be enjoyed by the … Read more

Complete Guide To Bowfishing From A Kayak Using Slingbows

Bowfishing kayak

Bowfishing is a fun way to extract prey from the water. It works by using a gun with a very long sight and firing self-assembled arrows, [or] large [water] hunting spears called bolts, at fish. There are two types of bow fishing: traditional and modern. In traditional bow fishing, a regular compound bow is used … Read more

How to Get the Fishy Smell Out of Clothes – Complete Guide

One of the worst smells that you can experience is the low fish smell that can seep into your clothes. You’ve returned to your home to relax after a tiring afternoon spent fishing but it’s not just the memories you’ve brought back. There is a high chance that at some point you will get your … Read more