The Wilderness Systems Tempest

The Wilderness Systems Tempest is a deluxe kayak manufactured by the popular south-American company Wilderness Systems. The kayak was introduced in 2008 and immediately started to compete with other manufactures’ models of similar stature, like Jackson Kayaks Big Tuna or the Old Town Dirigo 106.
The Tempest offers rough waters for weeks without having to portage at all! One can do long camping trips on flat water rivers with it easily. I always keep my things in drybags to be safe though.
It is available in 12 different color schemes, ranging from classic green/yellow blended colors to pink/purple-colored boats that stand out more than you would like them to.


We love the Tempest! It’s the perfect blend of speed, stability, and carrying capacity for my needs (although I’m not sure if I can carry enough beer for all my friends with me out on the water).
The kayak is very stable most of the time, but when you try to stand up in it, it becomes less stable fast. The boat is made for sitting down most of the time anyway! Despite that fact, we took some spills over my knees. Luckily I haven’t sunk yet! But if you decide to go overboard, don’t worry about your head getting wet – there’s a high safety rating for this product.
The price tag of around $1000 isn’t too bad either when you consider the fact that it’s much cheaper than other kayaks out there, while still offering an amazing performance in calm and moderate conditions.

The blue/black Tempest – it’s very easy to spot in the water! The seat is adjustable in height, which is nice if you want to share your kayak with a friend. It handles well enough on flatwater rivers, but also goes through small rapids without trouble! The hatches are well sealed too; at least I’ve never gotten wet yet!
The Wilderness Systems Tempest is one of the best kayak models out there for beginners or anyone that likes to take long trips down calm waters like me.


The Wilderness Tempest 170 & 165

– High safety rating
– Available in 12 different color schemes, ranging from green/yellow to pink/purple.
– $1000 price tag
– Stable enough for flatwater rivers and goes through small rapids without trouble.
– Very adjustable seat! If you share your boat with a friend, this is very nice.
– Won’t get wet when going through the smallest rapids! (important)
– Very easy to spot if you’re in the water – no problem spotting it!
– Good carrying capacity for long trips on calm waters. Well sealed hatches too!

If you are looking for an amazing kayak that can handle everything from flatwater rivers to small rapids but don’t want to spend more than $1000, the Wilderness Systems Tempest is for you!


Should You Get The Tempest Size 165 or 170?

If you are looking for a little more speed and upgrade some of the extra features that come with the larger size, get the Tempest 170!
The Wilderness Systems Tempest comes in two different sizes: The size 165 is 10 feet long (3 meters), while the size 170 is 11.5 feet long (3.5 meters).

So if you are a taller or more experienced kayaker, it might be worth spending an extra $100 on the bigger version – not only will you get more speed out of it, but also more space for cargo like camping equipment. But don’t worry if a smaller vessel is what you need – both boats have a load capacity of about 450 pounds so there’s enough room for everyone who’s interested!
If you are unsure about which size to pick, just know that the Tempest 165 is great for shorter trips with less cargo. The Tempest 170 offers a little more speed and can handle extreme circumstances better.